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How do domains work with Sitey?

On all Sitey upgraded accounts you are entitled to a free domain registration, this will be renewed free of charge for the lifetime of your account with us.

If you have a domain registered with a different company, no problem at all, it can be used with your Sitey website. You can either point the domain to Sitey and continue paying the current registrar for the domains renewal, or you can transfer the domain fully to us and we will renew it for free for the lifetime of your account.

To point a domain at your Sitey website please follow these steps:

  1. Once logged in your Sitey control panel, click on Domains
  2. Click on the Already Have a Domain? tab, next to the Buy a Domain tab
  3. Enter the domain you wish to link to your website and click Continue
  4. Log in to your account with the company you registered your domain through
  5. Locate the DNS management section in your domain registrar control panel
  6. Add an 'A Record': that points to our IP address
  7. Once your domain has been linked to your account, visit Manage Domains to assign it to a website


Please always refer to your domain registrar's instructions on how to complete this process. Always make sure your website is published when trying to link a domain. Once this has been done please allow 48 hours for the details to be updated and take affect on your site. Please refer to our helpful Support Center for further information on linking your domain name. Please note that you domain will not be linked to your website if you do not complete the linking process with your domain registrar.

If you wish to completely transfer a domain to us, so that we renew it each year for free, please contact your domain registrar first. You need to request that the registrar unlocks the domain for transfer and provides you with the transfer code. This code is sometimes referred to as the EPP code, once you have been provided it by your registrar please email us detailing the EPP code and the domain name, we can then begin the transfer.