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Can I use my domain name for email?

If you have purchased a domain name through us then you will be able to claim a free email address for that domain name.

This can be claimed through your control panel under Manage email, any additional email address purchased cost £/$5

If you already have a GMail account it is possible to link your domain to it, however the account needs to be upgraded to a Google Apps for Business account. Each email address on a business account is $5 a month, charged through Google themselves.

Once you have a GMail account set up you need to configure your domain's MX records to point mail to Google mail servers. This is done in your Sitey control panel, on the Domains page click the Manage button on the domain listing you wish to set up email for. On the page that loads you will see a table titled DNS - this is where MX records are added. Currently all that is listed there are A records, leave these be, to set up GMail you need to add MX records, change the drop down from A to MX and add the following five records:

Hostname Destination MX Priority







MX record changes can take up to 72 hours to go into effect, but they typically happen much sooner. For more information please consult Google Support.

Sitey will soon be providing its own, easy-to-configure, email setup system. If you wish to be notified when this becomes available please email us.